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Premium quality Sports Nutrition for Women | Women's Best UK

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It's no longer a secret: You need plenty of protein to build muscle. For an optimal workout result, therefore, you should make sure you provide your body with enough protein before, during and after the workout. At the Women's Best online shop, you'll find numerous fitness protein products that will help you with body shaping.

  • You can get an optimal supply of fitness protein from the Women's Best Muscle Bundle, for example. It contains a pack each of Pre Workout Booster (flavour of your choice), Creatine Powder, and Burner Capsules, a pack of Fit Pro Whey Protein in your favourite variety, and a handy Shaker. The insider tip for intensive training with wow effect!
  • Whey protein is one of the most popular dietary supplements for sportspeople and athletes because it has a high biological value and contains all the important amino acids in the optimal mixing ratio. As a result, it gets into the blood quickly and is particularly effective. Thus, it's also optimally suitable for the daily diet. At our Women's Best online shop, you can buy whey protein in different variants: The Iso whey protein is especially suitable for your definition, diet, and muscle development phases. The Fit Pro Whey Protein is perfect for your daily needs to maintain and build muscle. So there's just the right thing for everyone.


  • Do proteins really help build muscle? Yes, it's medically proven that we need proteins to build muscle.
  • Do you recommend fitness protein directly after workouts or later? Opinions differ on this question. There are studies that suggest that taking protein directly after workouts speeds up muscle development. Others suggest that protein doesn't provide the perfect shaping effect until six to eight hours after workouts. Experts therefore recommend taking smaller portions of protein time and again after workouts, preferably at two-hour intervals.
  • How much fitness protein is optimal for building muscle? If you want to build muscle, you're well covered with 1.5 to 2.5 grammes of fitness protein a day per kilogramme of body weight.
  • Can you ingest too much fitness protein? Time and again, there's the rumour that overdosing damages the kidneys. But the danger is very low. In healthy people with intact kidneys, an overdose of fitness protein usually has no harmful side effects. The excess protein is simply excreted. However, you should definitely make sure you drink enough water.
  • Are there differences between different protein sources? Yes, you can definitely differentiate between real fitness proteins and other proteins. Basically, the more the proteins resemble those that make up our muscles, the better. Therefore, we from Women's Best make sure that all fitness protein products have a high biological value and a complete amino acid profile.


Want to lose weight and build and maintain muscle at the same time? No problem! At the Women's Best online shop, you'll find numerous products that will help you with that. Since a large portion of protein also helps you lose weight, protein snacks, shakes, and supplements are equally suitable for body shaping and weight loss. Try our Shape Body Shake, for example: It's largely made up of fitness protein that supports the muscles. In addition, it contains filling carbohydrates as well as important vitamins and minerals. What makes the Women's Best Shape Body Shake unique, however, is the combination of these substances with green tea extract, the brand raw material L-Carnitine from Carnipure®, and the premium fibre Nutriose®. Replace one to two meals a day with a Shape Body Shake for the best possible results.