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Danni, AKA Dannibelle, is our bootyful athlete from down under. She lets us in on her favorite glute workouts, tips for gains, and how she wants to help her community enjoy exercise. 🍑 Read our interview and find out more about the Women’s Best athlete!

Name: Danielle Robertson

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Height: 5’11″/ 180 cm

Birthday: 26th September 1994

Instagram: @dannibelle

Can you share more about yourself and what you are doing? 

I’m Danni AKA Dannibelle, I’m a certified personal trainer and online coach. I also have a degree in Justice (Criminology) and am in the final year of my Law degree, but my real passion has always been for fitness. As a former competitive track and field athlete, I understand the importance of strength and fitness, not only for performance but also for overall health. I want to help others find a form of exercise that they enjoy and cut through all the misleading information and fads in the fitness industry, and help my clients get real and sustainable results.

When did your journey start? Was there a certain event or situation after which you found your passion for fitness and decided this was your path?

I have always been involved in sports, so fitness has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Becoming a trainer and helping others achieve their fitness goals was simply a natural extension of my life-long passion for training, fitness and health.

You are a self-proclaimed glute training enthusiast, and you’ve got a peach to boot. Tell us why this is your favorite body part to train:

The glutes are the largest muscle in the body. Admittedly, they have their aesthetic appeal but that’s just a bonus. The glutes are my favourite body part to train because of their impact on athletic performance, posture and overall physical condition. 

What was your motivation to start your online training program, Dat Booty by DB? What are you aiming to achieve with your community? 

I’ve created a training program to offer long term, sustainable results. In order to build muscle, you need to be following a program which includes the training principle of progressive overload. We have been able to incorporate this in our ongoing monthly programming to provide our clients with a thorough and well-structured fitness program which delivers not only glorious glute gains but overall strength and physique improvements. 

You have a pretty large following on Instagram, tell us what the one takeaway is for your followers?

I have a no BS approach to fitness but I also like to not take things too seriously. Ideally, I want those who come across my profile to perceive me as authentic, down to Earth and someone who offers a realistic and sustainable approach to fitness.

What kind of advice can you offer to those who are may be struggling with finding motivation or purpose?

Motivation comes and goes, so it shouldn’t be relied upon as the reason you do or refrain from doing something that may bring you closer to your goals. It really comes down to discipline and consistency. If you are disciplined enough to be consistent with something, it will soon become a habit and therefore you won’t need to rely on motivation. It just becomes a part of who you are – as you work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Do you follow a specific diet? What about your favorite treats?

No, I don’t follow a specific diet, I just try to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods and eat in line with my goals. My fitness goals are usually centered around building muscle (mainly my glutes haha) so I like to track my protein to make sure I’m consuming enough on a daily basis to support my training. I’m not overly strict and definitely not restrictive with my diet and eating habits so all of my favourite treats, including chocolate, are included.

Fun question: what’s your favorite glute super-set combo?

This is such a challenging question, there are so many good ones but I’d have to say my favourite glute superset would have to be Hip Thrusts and Banded Seated (or Standing) Abduction, it’s an absolute burner!

What are your favorite Women’s Best supplement products? When do you use them and why?

No surprises here but I have quite a few! I love the Women’s Best Iso Whey and Fit Whey Protein and also the Smart Protein Bars – these supplements are such a great (and easy) way to get extra protein in your diet! I also have the True Beauty every night before bed and absolutely love it.

What is your favorite Women’s Best collection, in what color and why?

The Power Collection is my favourite! It’s so stretchy, comfortable and flattering. My fave colours are Lilac and Red.

Lastly, you decided to collab with Women’s Best. Why did you choose to be part of the community?

I’ve been a Women‘s Best athlete for over 6 years now! Right from the beginning I’ve loved Women‘s Best supplements and what the brand stands for. Growing and developing alongside Women‘s Best has been a pleasure and I’m proud to be associated with such a quality brand.

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