Daily Vitamin Capsules

Vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle.

120 Capsules (60 Servings)

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  • Provides lots of essential vitamins
  • High-quality A-Z vitamins & minerals
  • Easy-to-take capsules
You can eat loads of fruit and vegetables, and you might still suffer from nutrient deficiency. Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is the basis of well-being. Our Daily Vitamins supply your body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients needed to support your healthy lifestyle. With our multivitamins, deficiency symptoms like weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion are a thing of the past.

Which vitamins and minerals are included?

Vitamin C
Scientific studies have shown that vitamin C supports the production of collagen in the skin, bones, cartilage and teeth. It also supports your immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress.

Biotin and its protein-building properties help us to maintain a healthy skin barrier and hair structure. This vitamin plays an important role in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and is, therefore, one of the key ingredients of our Women's Best Daily Vitamins.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E protects DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage. It also helps to protect cells from oxidative stress.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, helps to release energy from foods and to keep the nervous system functioning. It also helps to keep your skin and mucous membranes healthy and can reduce fatigue.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is necessary for the normal metabolism of protein and it helps the body to build proteins. It is important for the function of the nervous system, the red blood cell production and the immune system. It can also reduce tiredness.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A helps to maintain clear and normal vision and to keep your skin and mucous membranes healthy. It is also important for the immune system.

Folic acid
Folic acid contributes to normal functioning of the immune system and to normal cognitive functions. It also helps to reduce tiredness and contributes to normal cell division.

Vitamin K1
Vitamin K contributes to normal blood clotting and the maintenance of normal bones.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D helps to maintain normal muscle function, bones and teeth. It also supports the normal functioning of the immune system and plays a role in the cell division process.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 supports the normal function of the immune system and also plays a role in the cell division process. It contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system.

Zinc has many key functions. This mineral is essential for our skin, hair and nails. Zinc deficiency often manifests itself in brittle hair and nails as well as in dry skin.

Iodine contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and to the normal production of thyroid. It also contributes to cognitive functions. It helps to maintain a healthy skin and plays an important role in the functions of the nervous system.
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Recommended intake
Take one (1) capsule with lunch and one (1) capsule with dinner. Drink a large glass of water with every intake of the capsules.
Plant Capsule Shell (Cellulose), Magnesium Gluconate, Rice Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Anticaking Agent, Flow Agent (Magnesium Salts & Silicon Dioxide), Zinc Gluconate, Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate Sodium, Choline Bitartrate, DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Ferrous Fumarate, Nicotinamide, L-Tyrosine, Guarana Extract, Maca Extract, Raspberry Extract, Manganese (II) Citrate, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Calcium D-Pantothenate, Riboflavin, Selenomethionine, Copper Gluconate, Chromium Picolinate, Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid, D-Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Cholecalciferol, Cyanocobalamin.

Nutritional value per 2 capsules:
Vitamin B1: 1 mg
Vitamin B2: 11 mg
Vitamin B12: 2.5 μg
Vitamin B6: 1 mg
Vitamin E: 1.5 mg
Niacin: 2.5 mg
Biotin: 50 μg
Pantothenic Acid: 1 mg
Folic Acid: 100 μg
Vitamin D3: 2.5 μg
Calcium: 10 mg
Magnesium: 30 mg
Iron: 1.5 mg
Zinc: 2.5 mg
Copper: 0.13 mg
Selenium: 5 μg
Iodine: 25 μg
Manganese: 0.25 mg
Chromium: 20 μg
Choline: 2.5 mg
L-Tyrosine: 2.5 mg
Raspberry Extract: 2.5 mg
Maca Root Extract: 2.5 mg
Guarana Seed Extract: 2.5 mg
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
Daily Vitamin Capsules
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